Record Wildlife and Biodiversity Sightings!

Have you seen the MeritNatureCheck app?

With advanced mapping functionality MeritNatureCheck enables you to measure areas, create maps, mark features and highlight important nature sightings. You can then review and analyse that information.

Whether you want to tell your sprayer operator about a vulnerable nest in a wheeling or share a sighting of a rare species or plant or plot an area of blackgrass, you can do that quickly on the app, on the move.

Food retailers and buyers are increasingly interested in how and where food has been produced and how that process has impacted on nature – and keen to recognise and reward good work.

That needs reliable and secure data – start collecting that now and build a picture of how you and your environment are helping to protect and nurture our precious natural resources. To find out more information, talk to Anna on 07760 956981 or Lucy on 07590 230622 on the Meritcheck support desk.