QR Code Stickers for MeritAgCheck

Complete Your Machinery Checks with QR Codes Using Our MeritAgCheck App

Simply scan a QR sticker to complete your pre-start machinery checks…

Every week our clients are able to efficiently complete their pre-start machinery checks just by scanning a QR sticker on their kit!

Using QR stickers helps save time and ensure that all of your team members are completing the correct checklist for the machinery/equipment or building.

The QR stickers are included in our Premium package and are sent out at no extra cost.

You are able to request big QR stickers for large machinery such as tractors, trailers, combines and balers etc. Or smaller ones for any workshop items such as angle grinders, hand saws and chain saws. Alternatively, if there is nowhere applicable to stick a QR sticker on the kit, you are able to request tags which can be attached to the equipment.

Log onto the Dashboard click “Request QR Stickers” in the top right-hand corner of the screen to request your QR stickers today.